Advisory Council

Fernando Barri, PhD
Fernando is a researcher and professor at the National University of Córdoba, in Argentina, and also manages a nature reserve that is part of the university. He has a Master's degree in Wildlife Management and a PhD in Biological Science.
Fernando Barri
Stefan Brager, PhD
Stefan has extensive experience studying small cetaceans including the harbor porpoise and Hector's and bottlenose dolphin. He received his PhD from University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand. Currently his research includes the harbor porpoise in the Baltic Sea.
Stefan Brager
Enrique J. Derlindati, PhD
Enrique has extensive experience studying high Andes flamingos and wetlands, and also conducts research on forest birds, and their response to human activities. He received his PhD from the National University of Tucumán, Argentina. Currently he is a professor and researcher at the National University of Salta.
enrique derlindati
Florian Graner, PhD
Florian is a marine biologist and cinematographer with a PhD in Marine Biology. Florian specializes in marine mammals and studied the harbor porpoise in Norway. See Florian's video documentary, Beneath the Salish Sea.
Florian Graner
Anna Hall, PhD
Anna Hall is a marine mammal zoologist with expertise in the biology and ecology of Northeastern Pacific porpoises. She was also a Canadian Delegate to the Commission on Environmental Cooperation and contributed to the development of the North American Conservation Action Plan for Vaquita.
Anna Hall
Stephen Ralph
Stephen has extensive experience in natural resource management, focused on the impact of industrial scale forest practices and hydropower development on fish and wildlife habitats. He spent 10 years as an EPA lead salmon ecologist, advised Seattle City Light on hydropower facilities, was a researcher at the Univ. of Washington, and the principal habitat biologist for Olympic Peninsula Tribes.
Stephen Ralph
Melanie Rowland, Esq.
Melanie served as a senior attorney for NOAA's Office of General Counsel , concentrating on Endangered Species Act protection for marine mammals and marine fish. She is co-author of the current edition of the nation's leading wildlife law treatise.
Melanie Rowland
Jason Wood, PhD
Jason received his PhD from UC Davis. He designed, built and installed a fixed hydrophone array with nine elements used for localizing Southern Resident killer whales to determine Source Levels for social calls.
Jason Wood

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