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Supporters contributing $500 - $999 annually will enjoy opportunities to learn more about PBI’s research and receive a 10% discount on PBI’s biodiversity expeditions.

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Pacific Biodiversity Institute is effective only through the generosity and concern shown by the individuals and organizations that support us. Help biodiversity flourish. Support Pacific Biodiversity Institute.

PBI’s research is objective. We provide the best scientific basis for better management of natural resources.

PBI’s research is proactive. We study species before they are endangered and landscapes before they are destroyed.

PBI’s research isn’t being done by anyone else. We choose our projects carefully. We focus on critical conservation science that can make a big contribution in areas that are not getting sufficient attention and resources. We don't duplicate efforts of others and foster close collaboration with many conservation interests.  Government agencies and conservation groups rely on our research and scientific support to plan and execute conservation actions and to carefully manage our natural resources and protected areas for future generations.

The strength of Pacific Biodiversity Institute comes through our unique combination of innovative scientific research and technical support to inform and inspire conservation efforts.

Support from concerned individuals like you is vital to PBI. Thank you!

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