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Volunteers needed for Western Gray Squirrel Project

Pacific Biodiversity Institute (PBI) is seeking volunteers to assist with state-threatened western gray squirrel surveys in the Methow Watershed during the summer field season. We have been fortunate to have dozens of volunteers work on the Western Gray Squirrel Project, and we greatly appreciate their efforts!

Project Description

The western gray squirrel (Sciurus griseus) is listed as a state-threatened species in Washington State. The Methow Valley is home to the North Cascades population, one of the last three remaining populations of western gray squirrels in the state. We are conducting distribution surveys, nest count surveys, and education outreach in the Methow Watershed on the North Cascade western gray squirrel population. Our goals for this project are to conduct distribution surveys and relative abundance estimates in partnership with WDFW. These goals will further scientific knowledge about gray squirrel distributions throughout the Methow Valley. Another goal is to reach out to private landowners about western gray squirrel habitat and educate the local community about the about the status, threats and conservation needs of western gray squirrels. There is potential for this project to lead to further work on western gray squirrels and other aspects of conservation science. For more details about the project, read our web page on the Western Gray Squirrel Initiative.

Location: Field volunteers will work in various locations throughout the Methow Valley in coordination with PBI staff.

Duration: Volunteers will work through the summer season and into the fall.

Compensation: A small per diem and mileage stipend is available.

Qualifications: The only requirements are a willingness to learn and to be present at the field sites. Training will be provided as needed. There are some specialized tasks that use GPS and GIS technologies that will be available depending on need and experience.

Other desirable qualifications:

  • Interest in wildlife ecology and management
  • Physically fit and willing to work with other volunteers
  • Ability to output high quality work and have fun in outdoor situations

About Pacific Biodiversity Institute

The mission of Pacific Biodiversity Institute is to develop information and tools to conserve biodiversity and maintain ecological integrity. Central to this mission is sharing of these tools and provision of technical support to public agencies, educational institutions and other non-profit conservation organizations. We conduct scientific research in the fields of ecology, conservation biology and natural resource management. We also engage in a variety of educational activities including generation of ecological data and literature, the organization of scientific conferences and public symposia, and the development of educational materials for community level environmental education.

Please call if interested in this volunteer opportunity: 509-996-2490





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