Fire Ecology and Landscape Analysis of Wildfires

CURRENT RESEARCH: Carlton Complex Fire Impact Study

WEBMAP: Initial Burn Severity Map of the 2014 Carlton Complex Fires

REPORT: Carlton Complex Fires 2014 - A Rapid Initial Assessment of the Impact of Washington State’s Largest Wildfire

NEWS: Article on ecosystem recovery after fire in the Methow Valley News (August 22, 2014).

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Information about wildfire and fire ecology


Wildfire publications by Pacific Biodiversity Institute

Information on Fire Ecology

News and articles about our work

Our reports on wildfires, fire-adapted communities and wildfire policy recommendations received extensive media coverage in 2013. Our work was first reported in the Arizona Republic. USA Today picked up their story, as did many other papers. The Los Angeles Times covered our report with an excellent article, as did the Wall Street Journal. Many local and regional papers included a story on the report and/or an editorial (examples here and here). The best story was in our local paper, the Methow Valley News. It was also carried on TV (ABC News and other stations) and radio, including National Public Radio.

Read Karen Charman's article in a 2002 issue of FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting) "Destroying the Forests to Save Them: Media myths fuel Bush wildfire plan" where she uses our studies of wildfires in the western US.

Unpublished studies of wildfires in Washington state

Overview of the 2003 Farewell Fire
Fire effects of the 2001 Thirtymile Fire
Fire effects of the 2001 Libby South Fire
Fire severity studies of 2001 Libby South Fire (part 1)
Fire severity studies of 2001 Libby South Fire (part 2)

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