The PBI Office in Argentina

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The PBI Argentina office is located in the city of Córdoba in the center of the country. This office is the hub of our work related to the South America Wildlands and Biodiversity Project. From this office we perform several tasks, such as expedition planning and logistics, information processing, data entry, data analysis, mapping, report writing, work with the reporters from newspapers, TV and radio, maintain and establish contacts with other biologists and conservationists around Argentina and another parts of the world. We also work on other conservation projects initiated by our partners such as ProYungas, the National University of Córdoba, and the National University of Salta.

People working with PBI in the office in Cordoba

Lucila Castro

Biologist Lucila Castro:  She is PBI's representative in Argentina. She completed her degree in the National University of Cordoba in 2012 with a thesis focus in habitat use and behavior of three species of flamingos in Mar Chiquita lake, Córdoba province. At the moment she also works in the international conservation team called “Conservation Group of Andean Flamingos” (Grupo de Conservación de flamencos altoandinos, GCFA), is member of the Scientific Committee of the Natural museum of Miramar, Cordoba province, works in a project that join the National University of Cordoba, and she is member of the International Society on Salt Lakes Research. Her interests include conservation biology and ecology.
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Laura Steffolani

Biologist María Laura Steffolani
Laura is a biologist who received her undergraduate degree from the National University of Córdoba. Recently she completed her thesis to receive a Master´s degree in Biology and Biodiversity Conservation at the University of Salamanca, Spain. She is now working with Lucila Castro as an intern in our Córdoba office. Her interests are conservation and biological behavior.

Ima Cabaña

Biologist Imanol Cabaña
He is Biologist since 2012 and now he is a PhD student at the Institute of Animal Diversity and Ecology (IDEA), CONICET and Laboratory of animal behavior, National University of Córdoba (Argentina). He is studying the evolutionary forces determining population genetic structure and the effect of behavior and environment on these evolutionary forces. Furthermore, he is trying to elucidate mechanisms/processes underling hybridization and their effects over the dynamics of gene flow. He is interested in biodiversity and conservation and has experience working in the field, especially with lizards. He is helping PBI as a volunteer.

Fernando Barri

Professor Advisor, Dr. Fernando Barri
He received his Ph.D. in Biological Science and he also has a Master’s degree in Wildlife. He teaches at several departments at Córdoba University. He is a researcher from an Ecology and Diversity Institute. His interests include biodiversity conservation and sustainable wildlife use. He has participated in many projects related to nature research and disclosure. Since 2010 he is the manager at a Natural Reserve in Córdoba, which belongs to the National University of Córdoba.

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