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Pacific Biodiversity Institute's internship program offers exceptional opportunities for people seeking further education and a stepping-stone to employment in conservation or scientific research. We have hosted over 50 interns from around the world for the last 17 years. We provide interns with education and work experience in:

Conservation Biology, Ecology, Wildlife Biology, Botany, Forestry, Mapping and Landscape Analysis (GIS), Aerial-Photo Interpretation and Remote Sensing, Citizen Science Coordination, Outreach, Media Relations, Videography and Photography, Non-profit Organizational Management, Development and Fundraising.

Internships generally run for three-month periods, full-time, although some internships are longer duration. The program is available year-round and is open to post-graduates, graduate students, and some undergraduate students or other interested persons.

Internships may be based out of our field research sites in various locations in North and South America and/or at our offices in Anacortes and Winthrop, Washington, in the heart of the spectacular North Cascade Mountains.

Be sure to check out the current intern brochure, as well as articles from our 2003 Internship Newsletter and Winter 2001 Newsletter, “Expanding Horizons: the Intern Experience” and “The Alien Weeds Project.” These articles were written by interns about their experiences with Pacific Biodiversity Institute.

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Interns by Year

Kristina Bartowitz, University of Wisconsin-Madison, WI
Lisa Geres, University of Konstanz, Germany
María Laura Steffolani, University of Salamanca, Spain
Carl Smith, Virginia Tech, Arlington, VA
Daniel McGill, Brown University, Providence, RI
Lindsay Warne, Middlebury College, Middlebury, VT

Gisella Peralta, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina
Katrina Fisk, University of Washington, Bothell, WA
Amy Fitkin, Winthrop, WA (University of San Diego)
Sara Emerson, PhD, Visiting Scientist, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel
Kristina Bartowitz, University of Wisconsin-Madison, WI

Gisella Peralta, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina
Katrina Fisk, University of Washington, Bothell, WA
Katrina MacIver, University of St. Andrews, Scotland

Debbie Lewis, Central Washington University, Ellensburg, WA

Patricia Thomas, Methow Valley, WA

Sue Ann Gifford, Anacortes, WA
Hannah Edwards, University of Glasgow, Scotland

Asako Yamamuro, PhD, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR
Steven Gnam, Seattle, WA

Katy White, British Columbia, Canada
Steven Gnam, Seattle, WA

Sherrie Farmer, Winthrop, WA
Alexis Monetta, Eastern Washington University, Winthrop, WA
Diana Hackenburg, Marietta College, Clyde, OH
Lin Kyan, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA

LeChi Huynh, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA
Lin Kyan, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA

LeChi Huynh, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA
Tyghe Stuart, Newport, WA
Danielle Muir, Spokane, WA
Scott Heller, Prescott College, Prescott, AZ
Phyllis Murra, Winthrop, WA

Phyllis Murra, Winthrop, WA
Elizabeth Ray, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ

Shannon Ulrich, Bryn Mawr College, PA
Santosh Shantaram Gaikwad, National Chemical Lab, Pune, India
Priscilla Preston, Sonoma State University, CA Rohnert Park, CA
Dane Springmeyer, Middlebury College, Vermont and Blakely Island, WA
Scott Wagner, Strafford, NH; graduate of Dartmouth College, NH

Dawn Lemke, Massey University, New Zealand
Hans Smith, Mercer Island, WA
Heather Evans, University of New Orleans, New Orleans, LA
Mona Johnston, Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO
Jill Smith, Twisp, WA
Orfa Rodriguez, Quito, Ecuador

Nicole M. Hartz, University of Wisconsin-Madison, WI
Emily Reinecke, Appalachian State University, Boone, NC
Rebecca Wahl, Lewis and Clark College, Portland, OR
Lizz Wandag, Palawan Island, Philippines

Leyla Arsan, Prescott College, OR
Hillary Knack, McGill University, Quebec, Canada
Alena Workowski, University of Wisconsin-Madison, WI
Issac Standen, Western Washington University, WA
Amber Sands, University of California, Los Angles, CA
Jessica Toubman, Oberlin College, OH
Kira Besh, Linfield College, OR

Isabelle Jollit, France and Germany Institut fuer Technische Weiterbildung
Aaron Miller, University of Wisconsin, WI
Rebecca Schultze, South Dakota State University, SD
Pamela Becwar, University of Idaho, ID
Kirsten Harma, Western Washington University, WA
Suzanne Zanelli, Western Washington University, WA

Ryan Hopkins, Seattle University, WA
Steve Willer, Central Oregon Community College, OR
Ben Sabold, Central Washington University, WA
Kendra Bradford, San Francisco State University, CA
Maureen Dunn, Mt. Holyoke College, MA
Michael Hiener, Boulder, CO

Sarah Masco, Western Washington University, WA

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