Area Silvestre: Antofalla

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Area Silvestre Antofalla is a large wildland lying in both Argentina and Chile that extends southeastward from Paso Socompa on the Chilean border to Tinogasta in the Catamarca Province. Pacific Biodiversity Institute's mapping of roads and developed areas was done using Google Earth. The wildland delineation was accomplished with an ESRI Model Builder model implemented in ArcGIS.

This large wildland area is located in northwestern Argentina. It includes the stratovolcano, Volcan Antofalla. This area covers part of the Puna de Atacama, a high, dry plateau surrounding the Salar de Antofalla, a playa over 140km long. This area does contain some dirt tracks, trails and other routes that are periodically traversed by 4WD or other all-terrain vehicles. But even these are minimal. This wildland straddles the Andes Mountain Range. The eastern part of this area is a region of salt flats and scattered volcanoes. To the east are two other wildland areas, Salar del Hombre Muerte, a salt playa, and Sierras de Cachi a Laguna Blanca.

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