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Where We Work

Pacific Biodiversity Institute had offices in Winthrop, Washington, Anacortes, Washington and Cordoba, Argentina. Our work spanned the western hemisphere, from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego. Some of our projects were localized to a small watershed but others were of continental extent.

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Project Map Northwestern USA Southwestern USA Eastern USA All of USA Latin America

Puget Sound from Cypress Island

Northwestern USA

Explore our conservation projects in places like the Salish Sea, the North Cascades, the Washington Coast, the Methow Valley, eastern Washington's desert country, the ancient forests of the Northwest, and the state parks and wildlife areas of Oregon and Washington...

sagauro cactus in late light

Southwestern USA

Explore Arizona's Sonoran Desert though our ecological assessments of the Sonoran Desert National Monument, the Barry Goldwater Military Reservation, and lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management. Learn about how invasive crayfish spread through Arizona's waterways, and learn about Arizona's largest wildfire...

Superior National Forest

Eastern USA

Learn about our studies of the effects of roads and the presence of roadless areas on National Forests in the Great Lakes region. Learn about our study of wildlands across the USA, which mapped all the roadless areas and other wildlands on all state and federal ownerships in every state and US territory.

Volcan Lanin and Araucaria Forest

Latin America

Learn about our South America Wildlands and Biodiversity Project. Learn about our conservation support work with ProYungas and Parques Para Chile. Explore the Araucaria Biosphere Reserve.

Learn about our office and team in Argentina.

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