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Our Mission, Vision, Values and Principles

Pacific Biodiversity Institute combines innovative scientific research, education, and technical support to inform, enhance and inspire conservation. Our goal is a rich and enduring biological heritage.

We envision a future rich in biological diversity in all forms and at all scales, allowing for the continued unfolding of natural ecological and evolutionary processes over time. We work at the forefront of biodiversity conservation, exploring new terrain through the use of professional and citizen scientists. In high conservation opportunity areas, PBI leads the way in developing new information and understanding to help realize this future.


  • Importance of biological diversity as the cornerstone of life on Earth. The diversity of species, habitats, and ecosystems is fundamental to the natural processes that support life on Earth, including humans.
  • Responsibility to future generations. We have a responsibility to safeguard Earth’s rich biological legacy for those who come after us.
  • Adapting to a rapidly changing world. The world is undergoing rapid changes at many levels, and conservation efforts must adapt to these changes. PBI will lead the way and scout out new terrain in research, education and conservation efforts that address the dynamic ecological and socio-political landscape of the 21st century.
  • Value of science in conserving biodiversity. Successful efforts to conserve biodiversity must be informed by scientific understanding. PBI’s role is to find and fill some of the most significant knowledge gaps that impede conservation progress.
  • Passion for finding innovative solutions. The challenge of maintaining biodiversity requires a passionate commitment to developing innovative tools and strategies that are effective in the face of rapid change.
  • Compassion for people. We believe that conservation of biodiversity is a fundamentally humane pursuit that benefits humans as well as the rest of nature.
  • Work through collaboration. Collaboration is essential to effective conservation and conservation science, both because biodiversity conservation is complex and interdisciplinary, and because we are most effective by working in partnerships.
    You can download and read our strategic plan here.

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