Contributors, Clients and Partners

Many individuals, foundations, corporations, clients and partners have made huge contributions to the success of our work and have empowered the mission and vision of the Pacific Biodiversity Institute. We express our heartfelt thanks and sincere appreciation to them for their support of our work.


Over the years, many individuals have made the most significant contributions to Pacific Biodiversity Institute through volunteering their time, through donations and through bequests. We honor and acknowledge the incredible generosity and help of these individuals. We would not exist without you.


  • mountaineers foundation logoThe Mountaineers Foundation
  • The Charlotte Martin Foundation
  • The Kongsgaard-Goldman Foundation
  • Norcross Wildlife Foundation
  • Orange County Community Foundation
  • The Craig and Jean Olson Fund of the San Diego Foundation
  • The Bullitt Foundation
  • Temper of the Times Foundation
  • The Flintridge Foundation
  • The Harder Foundation
  • The Lazar Foundation
  • The Rockwood Fund
  • The Tides Center
  • Northwest Fund for the Environment
  • Washington Foundation for the Environment
  • Conservation Technology Support Program


Partners and Clients

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