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Initiatives at Pacific Biodiversity Institute

Salish Sea Ecosystem Health

The Salish Sea is a marine ecosystem of worldwide importance. Climate change and ocean acidification are severe long-term threats. Having demonstrated the harbor porpoise as a sentinel species for Salish Sea ecosystem health, PBI is expanding our work to assess other indicators of ecosystem health to help tackle these threats. Learn more...

Salish Sea sunset

South American Wildlands and Wildlife

South America has immense wildlands and rich biodiversity. However, development activities are rapidly destroying critical habitat. PBI is deeply engaged with conservation and science partners in an urgent assessment of conservation opportunities and threats. We are working with locals in targeted areas to protect as much as possible before it is gone forever. Learn more...

Volcan Lanin and Araucarias

Climate Change, Wildfires and Impacts on Ecosystems

Climate change is causing complex changes to Earth systems and threatening life on Earth. Increased wildfire activity and severity is one dramatic effect of climate change. Significant ecosystem shifts are occurring as a result. A focus on climate change and its impacts on biodiversity is integrated into all of PBI's work. Read our climate statement and plan and learn more about out work.

Katrina Fisk and Wildfire Impact Study

Wildlife Conservation and Science

PBI is engaged in a wide variety of wildlife conservation and wildlife research projects. These projects involve both terrestrial and marine ecosystems. We have significant wildlife projects in both North and South America. Our wildlife projects have involved work with flamingos, harbor porpoises, beavers, squirrels, large carnivores, endangered species and much more. Learn more about these projects.

Western Gray Squirrel

Wildlands of North America

For many years, we have applied our spatial analysis expertise to mapping the extent and characteristics of wildlands in North America. We started with a map-based study of the North Cascade Ecosystem in 1993 and eventually moved on to the entire USA and now to South America. Learn more...

Methow mountains and fog

Educational Programs

PBI's conservation science internship program has provided training, guidance and career opportunities to over 60 young scientists and students interested in conservation. Our new Conservation Science and Leadership Course is expanding our educational efforts to provide a month-long intensive educational experience. Learn more about these programs.

Methow Conservation Coalition

Other Projects

Over the last 23 years, PBI has engaged in a wide variety of projects that further our mission of biodiversity conservation. These projects range from intensive ecological surveys and assessments of state parks and National Monuments in Arizona, Oregon and Washington to conservation planning, invasive plant studies, botanical surveys, work with endangered species, and more. Learn more about these projects.

Balsamorhiza sagitata at Doug's Beach State Park

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