Area Silvestre: Rio Parana (Rosario to Corrientes)

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Wildland Roadless Area (fill)
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This is a large wildland-wetland complex consisting of nearly 1.9 million hectares (4.7 million acres) in size extending along the Rio Parana from Rosario to Corrientes. This area is an extensive riparian wetland, formed by the Rio Parana. The lower part of the area is considered part of the Rio Parana Delta (Delta Superior). There are several small protected areas and one small national park in this large wildland complex, but most of the area is not protected.

Kayaking in the Rio Parana wilderness wetlands

photo by Santiago del Rio


The area is accessible by boat and many people visit the area for fishing, boating, kayaking, swimming, bird watching, nature studies and enjoyment of the wilderness.

Mapping of roads and developed areas is preliminary and based on readily available GIS data and satellite imagery. The wildland delineation was accomplished using a custom GIS model implemented in ESRI's ArcGIS Model Builder.

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