Porpathon 2016!

Join Pacific Biodiversity Institute and our volunteer wildlife observers for a Salish Sea wildlife observation blitz--the Porpathon! On Saturday October 1, 2016, you can join a group of marine wildlife observers who will be stationed at several observation points around the Salish Sea to learn from seasoned observers. This is a free event, dispersed across many locations around the Salish Sea. If you are out on the water, on your deck, or your favorite spot to watch the waves, please let us know about the marine wildlife you see!

No training or experience is required. Sign up by emailing porpoise@pacificbio.org and you will receive a free marine wildlife species ID guide, a guide to suggested viewing locations and designated lookouts, and instructions on how to submit your sightings. Share your sightings all day on social media, too, with #porpathon2016. Great for the whole family, and great for Salish Sea conservation! You can relax by the seashore and watch marine wildlife and contribute your observations to conservation science.

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