South American Wildlands and Biodiversity

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Why is PBI working in South America?

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South America still contains mind-bogglingly vast wild areas brimming with life.  It's immense wildland and biodiversity resources are unparalleled in today’s world. Yet, only a tiny fraction of the world's conservation resources are focused on South America.

PBI's initial mapping of the wildlands of South America identified over 350 roadless areas one million acres. These spectacular gems are unmatched in today's world. Our initial mapping identified the largest area - in the western Amazon-Andes Region - over 800 million acres! This vast tract of tropical forest, mountains, rivers and wetlands spans parts of 5 countries. And there are many more immense wildland tracts in other parts of South America.. These immense wildlands are the heart and lungs of the Planet.

The size of these wildlands is just the beginning of the story.  They are the core areas of the earth's most important biodiversity hot spots. Learn more about these hotspots. Immense conservation opportunities abound in South America. Yet, they are vanishing quickly. Mining, oil production, logging, megafarms, roads, dams, and more are rapidly destroying pristine habitat. PBI has joined with local partner organizations and scientists in an urgent effort to protect these areas before they are gone forever. We are sharing information and inspiration with local, national and international conservation NGOs and scientists. With your help, the most important wildlands and wildlife hotspots will endure.

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Pacific Biodiversity Institute has unique expertise that can aid in the protection of these most important biodiversity resources. Our mission and strategic plan motivates us to apply our energy to places that need the most help. Nowhere on the planet are the conservation opportunities as great and nowhere is there more need for high-quality conservation science and technical assistance.

Opportunities for Individuals
Help us map South American Wildlands from home.
Download and view a slide show on wildland conservation opportunities in Argentina and Chile with a perspective from North America. (Adobe Acrobat format) (7.7 MB)  
Explore our growing collection of webmaps large wildland complexes in Argentina and Chile
Read a complete description of the project, including a work plan, timeline, and other details. (Adobe PDF file).

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