white-breasted nuthatch
jaguar flamingos and waterbirds at Laguna de los Pozuelos, Argentina river otter eating eel gray wolf

Wildlife Conservation


Western Gray Squirrels in the North Cascades

The distinctly large and grizzled, gray-colored squirrel is a Threatened species in Washington State. One of its last refugia is in the Methow Valley. Learn how you can get involved in research and conservation efforts to help the western gray squirrel survive. more..

Western Gray Squirrel

Harbor Porpoises in the Salish Sea

The harbor porpoise is a small, shy creature that was once abundant in these waters. More information is needed to ensure its long-term survival. Learn more about our efforts to gather information on its current population, distribution, habitat needs and behavioral ecology.

harbor porpoises


PBI's Wildlife Projects in South America

PBI is engaged in a wide variety of wildlife conservation and wildlife research projects in South America. These projects involve many partner organizations and universities. They projects range from studies of wildlife in small reserves to very large roadless areas. We are actively involved in studies that involve birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles. Learn more about our wildlife projects and some of our partners.

Lucila Castro presenting poster at mammal congress in Argentina

Wildlife Habitat Modeling

Habitat is critical for all wildlife species. When habitat is not available, or not sufficiently optimal, then wildlife species quickly vanish. Creation of spatially-based wildlife habitat models that accurately predict habitat conditions for various wildlife species is one of our primary areas of expertise. Learn about how wildlife habitat models can improve land management and conservation planning. more...

lynx habitat model for Mt. Spokane State Park


Wildlife Studies at Mount Spokane State Park

PBI conducted a series of wildlife research projects and wrote a series of reports on wildlife, wildlife habitat and related managment recommendations at Mount Spokane State Park in eastern Washington. Read more about our work at this State Park.

The Methow Beaver Project

We are working as part of a partnership with the Methow Conservancy and state and federal agencies to establish beaver colonies in the upper tributaries of the Methow River. The beavers will help restore riparian areas, improve habitat for other species and help store water for late season flows. more... webmap icon View Webmap

beavers swimming

Endangered Species Information Network

The biodiversity crisis is upon us and many species are feeling the pinch. Our Endangered Species Information Network is an Internet-based resource that provides easy to read information about all the species of conservation concern in the Northwestern USA. more...

baby northern spotted owl

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