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Other Projects at Pacific Biodiversity Institute

Conservation Prioritization and Planning

Conservation efforts at local, regional, national and global scales can benefit tremendously from science-based conservation prioritization and planning. Especially now, when the global economy is faltering and conservation resources are slim - careful, conservation prioritization will ensure that limited resources achieve the greatest results. more...

Methow Conservation Coalition

Arid Lands studies, Sonoran Desert Natural Communities and Ecological Condition

We conducted a series of studies over a period of four years that shed significant light on the natural communities and ecological condition of the Sonoran Desert National Monument, established in 2000 in the heart of Arizona's Sonoran Desert. more... webmap icon View Webmap

Saguaros at sunrise in the Sonoran Desert National Monument

Ecological Assessments and Rare Plant Surveys in State Park Lands (Washington and Oregon)

In the last five years, we have conducted ecological assessments and rare plant surveys for over 70 state parks in Washington and Oregon. These studies are being used by the state park programs to inform management, development and conservation within the parks. more... webmap icon View Webmap

balsamroot sunflowers growing at Dougs Beach State Park

Biodiversity and Sustainable Agriculture

Food production is an essential human endeavor. It can have either positive or negative impacts on the rest of the life forms on this planet. Learn about our initiative to encourage sustainable, biodiversity friendly forms of agriculture. more...

corn growing at Sunny Pine Farm

Alien Plant Research Studies

Non-native, invasive plants (commonly called "weeds") are now prevalent throughout most of the world's ecosystems. Learn about our efforts to study weed invasions, population dynamics and our weed survey consulting work. more...

weed population dynamics study

Endangered Species Information Network

The biodiversity crisis is upon us and many species are feeling the pinch. Our Endangered Species Information Network is an Internet-based resource that provides easy to read information about all the species of conservation concern in the Northwestern USA. more...

baby northern spotted owl

The Methow Beaver Project

We are working as part of a partnership with the Methow Conservancy and state and federal agencies to establish beaver colonies in the upper tributaries of the Methow River. The beavers will help restore riparian areas, improve habitat for other species and help store water for late season flows. more... webmap icon View Webmap

beavers swimming

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