Report Background

Pacific Biodiversity Institute has been conducting studies of non-native, invasive species for many years.

These reports in PDF format were commissioned by various entities to help make informed land management and conservation decisions.

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Report objectives

These reports are based on field studies, ecological and GIS analysis. The objectives of the studies include locating, mapping and documenting the presence of non-native, invasive species. Many of the reports include recommendations for invasive species management.

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Publications on Non-native, Invasive Species

Noxious weed surveys of the Cedar, Tolt and Lake Youngs watersheds for Seattle Public Utilities, 2007-2008.

Mapping Of Crayfish Distribution in the White Mountains, Arizona, 2003.

Dalmatian toadflax background profile, by Peter Morrison, 2006. Published in: Boersma, P.D., S. Reichard, and A. Van Buren. Invasive Species in the Pacific Northwest. Seattle and London: University of Washington Press, 2006.

Demographics of Selected Exotic Plants In the Chewuch Watershed, Methow Valley, Washington A Status Report, 2003.

Chewuch Watershed Invasive Plant Project, 2000.

Chewuch Neighbors Roadside Weed Management Pilot Project, 1998.

Columbia Basin Alien Plant Report, 1995.

Natural Communities of the Sonoran Desert National Monument and Sand Tank Mountains, Phase 2 Condition Assessment, 2003.

Appendices to the Sonoran Desert National Monument study, 2003.

Natural Communities and Ecological Condition of the Sonoran Desert National Monument and adjacent areas (full document with appendices, about 9 MB), 2003.

Natural Communities of the Sonoran Desert National Monument and Sand Tank Mountains, Phase 1, Maps and Descriptions, 2001.

Characteristics of Xeroriparian Grasses of the Sonoran Desert National Monument, 2006.

Methow Valley Conservation Needs Assessment, 2005. This publication evaluates sensitive Areas, at-risk plants and animals, exotic Plants, Wildlife Corridors and potential buildable areas.

Ecological and botanical studies of state parks in Washington and Oregon - including the presence and management of non-native species

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