Tres Amigas Hiking the Length of South America

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Area Silvestre: Isla Grande

Trinity Ludwig, Shelley Brook and Sarah Field began hiking the length of South America this October, starting in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego Province, Argentina. The route of their expedition will traverse many of the wildlands that we have mapped. They will be collecting photographs and information on biodiversity and other characteristics of these wildlands. They have currently (2011 November 3) made it to El Calafate, Argentina.

Tres Amigas

PBI has made some preliminary maps of the wildlands along their route. The first section of the expedition of Tres Amigas recently traversed Isla Grande at the southern tip of Argentina and Chile. The map on the right illustrates these wildlands and the approximate route of these 3 women. It is based on roads and developed areas obtained from available sources and wildland delineation was accomplished with a GIS model implemented in ESRI's ArcGIS.


They will collect geotagged photographs and other information about these wildlands for PBI as they trek over 8000 miles from the southern tip of South America to Venezuela. You can read their blog here. This collaborative endeavor was arranged by Gregg Treinish and his organization Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation

In the map on the right illustrates the 18 wildland areas on Isla Grande adjacent to the route that Gregg Treinish and Deia Schlosberg traversed in 2008. We show that route in orange. Their campsites are blue pins. The 18 large wildland areas along the route have yellow boundaries, but completely transparent centers, so that you can see what inside. For information about their size and name, click inside each polygon. For more information about Gregg and Deia's trek visit their website:

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Area Silvestre: Tierra Del Fuego's Isla Grande

We have mapped 36 wildland areas that are over 10,000 hectares in size on Isla Grande. The boundary between Argentina and Chile splits Isla Grande. Some of the wildland areas are binational in extent. The largest wildland area, "Isla Grande Silvestre" is over 1.6 million hectares in size. There are 7 wildland areas over 100,000 hectares in size on Isla Grande.

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