Report Background

Pacific Biodiversity Institute prepared these PDF reports to document studies of fish and wildlife species and their habitat.


bald eagle

Report objectives

These reports are based on field studies and remote sensing and analysis. The objectives of the studies were to learn more about the biology of the species under study.

mountain goats

Publications on
Fish and Wildife

Studies of Marine Wildlife

Jeffries, A. 2014. Land-Based Observations of Harbor Porpoise in Burrows Pass, 2011 to 2013, Pacific Biodiversity Institute, Winthrop, Washington. 23 p.

Jeffries, A. 2012. Passive Acoustics: An effective monitoring technique for the harbor porpoise, Pacific Biodiversity Institute, Winthrop, Washington. 15 p.

Jeffries, A. 2011. Harbor Porpoise Observations in Burrows Pass - December 2009 through December 2010. Pacific Biodiversity Institute. Winthrop, Washington. 27 p.

General Studies of Fish and Wildlife

Western Gray Squirrel Distribution in the Upper Methow Valley, Washington. Pacific Biodiversity Institute, Winthrop, Washington. 2011. 58 pp.

Ecological Classifications of the Upper Columbia Evolutionarily Significant Unit for Spring Chinook Salmon and Summer Steelhead Trout, 2007.

Mapping Of Crayfish Distribution in the White Mountains, Arizona, 2007.

Effect of Fish Traps and Hatchery Supplementation on Salmon Recovery in the Methow Basin, 2005.

Mapping Important Bird Areas near Quito, Ecuador, 2003.

Bear Habitat Mapping in the Central Western Cascade Mountains of Washington State, 2001.

Wenatchee Basin Natural Resource Profile and Conservation Prioritization, 2001.

Natural Resource Information and Conservation Decision Support for the Wenatchee River Basin, 2002.

Fish of Puget Sound

An Assessment of Freshwater Habitat for Puget Sound Salmon, 2000

Studies of Puget Sound Salmon, Report Appendices, 2000.

Studies in Mt. Spokane State Park

Mt. Spokane State Park - Trails, Recreation and Wildlife

Mt. Spokane State Park - Wildlife Habitat for 21 Focal Species

Mt. Spokane State Park - Habitat Unit Map

Mt. Spokane State Park - Impact of Proposed Trails on Wildlife

Mt. Spokane State Park - Vegetation and Wildlife Habitat Survey of Mt. Kit Carson

Mt. Spokane State Park- Impact of Parking and Maintenence Facility on Vegetation and Wildlife

Mt. Spokane State Park - Cumulative Effects Analysis

Mt. Spokane State Park Forest Health Assessment 2007

Mt. Spokane State Park Forest Health Assessment Appendix M 2007

Mt. Spokane State Park - Proposed Actions from a Landscape Perspective

Recommendations for Sampling Design and Scope of Work for Forest Health Assessments in Washington State Parks

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