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Wildlands Mapping

Pacific Biodiversity Institute first mapped wildlands in the western USA. We later expanded this work to cover the entire country - including all the states east of the Mississippi River.


In the Great Lakes Region, we did additional analysis of the entire transportation system on the Superior, Ottawa and Hiawatha National Forests to help determine how roads impact biodiversity on a large landscape level.

USA road map

The Eastern United States

While most of our work has been in the western USA, we have conducted studies of the effects of roads and the presence of roadless areas in all the National Forests in the Great Lakes region. To learn more about this work read these reports:

Hiawatha National Forest, Michigan, Effect of Roads and Roadless Areas, 2006.

Ottawa National Forest, Michigan Effect of Roads and Roadless Areas, 2006

Superior National Forest, Minnesota, Roads, Trails and Roadless Areas, 2004.

We also conducted a comprehensive study of wildlands across the entire USA, which mapped all the roadless areas and other wildlands on all state and federal ownerships in every state and US territory. Our report from 2001 covers all of the eastern states:



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