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Sierra de Famatina from Famatina Valley
Volcan Villarica from above Lago Tinquilco


Pacific Biodiversity Institute believes that considerable conservation resources should be applied to the areas of the planet with the greatest biodiversity resources and the greatest threats to those resources. Latin America is one of the most important places for conservation action from that perspective.



We are actively looking for more conservation partners in Latin America. Contact us if you or an organization that you are connected with might be interested in a partnership with Pacific Biodiversity Institute.

Latin America

We are working with several conservation partners in Latin America to further biodiversity conservation in some of the planet's premier biodiversity hotspots.

Latin American ConservationFind out about our office and team in Argentina

All the countries in Latin America are very rich in biodiversity, yet, they do not have the internal resources to adequately investigate, catalogue and protect their vast biological and ecological wealth. Most of the world's conservation resources are spent in the rich, first-world countries, where much of the native biodiversity has been lost to centuries of development.

In Latin America, there is a mismatch between the biodiversity wealth, the level of threats to biodiversity and the conservation resources available for its protection. Pacific Biodiversity Institute has committed itself to contributing a measure of its resources to helping correct this mismatch between conservation need and resources applied to meet that need.

Find out about our South America Wildlands and Biodiversity Project.

Learn about our conservation support work for Parques Para Chile. (coming soon)

Explore the Araucaria Biosphere Reserve proposed by Parques Para Chile. (coming soon)

Learn about Parque National Isla Magalena off the southern coast of Chile and our involvement in a rapid ecological assessment that provided the scientific basis for the Park. (coming soon)

Learn about our work mapping Important Bird Areas in Ecuador.

Come back soon to this page, for a preview of our upcoming work in Costa Rica and more.

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