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Our Home

Pacific Biodiversity Institute is located in the North Cascades of Washington State. Our work also takes us to diverse locations across the western hemisphere.

Calypso Orchids waterfall

The Northwestern United States

Projects in the Northwestern United States The Northwest is Pacific Biodiversity Institute’s home terrain. We have engaged in a multitude of projects in this region of the country. We have studied, traveled and explored this terrain for many years – and know most of it like the backs of our hands. The following project descriptions highlight some of our work:

Ecological assessments and rare plant surveys of state parks in Washington and Oregon

Multi-scale ecological classification of the upper Columbia River Basin to create a baseline for salmon habitat monitoring

Puget Sound salmon habitat assessment

Natural resource inventory, conservation priorities and conservation decision support system for the Wenatchee River Basin

Mapping and analysis of wildlands in the northwestern USA

Landscape analysis of major wildfires in the northwestern US

Methow Valley conservation needs assessment and work on establishing conservation priorities

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